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A new company called "Landscape Landscapes" offers a variety of self-driving caravans for rent in Israel and a self-driving caravan in Israel. Since Keen Cohen the retired editor of "Steering Wheel" has nothing better to do, we sent him to experience the experience.
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You are looking for something special to do on the approaching vacation. You are tired of hotels that cost a lot of money and all look the same, but you also do not come to rock with a tent for two weeks.
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You are a young couple who wants to take a walk together. You don't have such a big budget and yet you feel that you deserve a special experience together. You are debating and then you come across the option of renting a trailer for couples.
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You want to go for a walk with the kids, and the good friends. Discussing where, when and how. Will you take two vehicles? Are you going north or south? Sleep in tents or maybe in a hostel?
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Homeland Landscape offers you different models of caravans. From caravans to a couple and two small children, family up to 7 people, lightweight caravans for private cars and large and luxurious caravans for those who like to be especially pampered.
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Home Landscape Company offers the trail ride experience to a very wide range of clients, firstly to all nature lovers and travelers who want to experience different and varied adventures with all the comforts of home.
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