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Welcome to a trailer park site at a scenic homeland.

We are happy to help you plan the perfect trip. Therefore, from North to South we have compiled a list of full and detailed RV parking lots for you. Which car park can you connect to electricity and water points? How much will you pay in each car park? Which car parks are our best?

Are you renting a trailer? Don’t miss our full trailer park list.

RV RVs – Site Recommendations

Dew Grove – Recommendation of the site for caravan parking in the north. A little north of the city of Kiryat Shmona, in the rest of the town, you will find the overnight parking lot at Tal Horesh There is a docking place with water and electricity connections for seven caravans. The hotel provides a wide range of services to the guests. Reservations must be made in advance at the Nature and Parks Authority.

Meister Farm – A boutique car park that accepts up to 4 caravans at a time. Located near the Mahaneyim intersection, strategic starting point for trips in the northern area in the RV RV park in the north category. Anchorage with complete privacy and spectacular views can be found on site. There is a water and electricity connection at each mooring point, as well as toilets and showers on site. On the farm you can enjoy a host of local attractions such as a winery tour and wine tasting and cheeses prepared on site and a wide range of recommended routes in the area. Make sure you have free space 054-9135258

Gopra Beach – Between the Sea of Galilee on the eastern side, you can find Gopra Beach – > The high quality and charming trailer park in Kinneret . You can find a variety of beach services, a marked plot for each trailer with electrical and water connections. Also, shade shed, picnic table and more. A magical experience for the whole family. Reservations must be booked ahead of time 052-8917610 .

Disappointing National Park – one of the most beautiful beaches in Israel. You can find a wide variety of sightseeing and entertainment venues. There are also beachfront RV parking (electricity and water connection are provided at extra charge) as well as options for beach tents. Suitable for families. To place a reservation: 04-9823263

Cluster Park – In the foreshore, you can find the highly recommended Southern caravan park it’s not a cluster park. The park itself has a fountain and stream center that combines water pool, bike trails and walking. The park is a sort of oasis point in the desert landscape. You can connect (extra charge) to electricity and water points at the docking points. Learn more and place a reservation: 08-9985120 .

Crocoloco crocodile farm – In Ein Hatzeva, near the town of Obot, there is a parking lot A beautiful and private prairie trailer that only gets one group at a time. Which brings with it very interesting attractions for the whole family – meeting with alligators and even petting corners. In addition, there are many sightseeing attractions in the parking area. With an additional charge, you can connect to electricity and water points at the mooring points adjacent to a private hot springs. For more details and reservations call: 052-8991088 . Read about recommended routes in the Crocodile Farm area.

Timna Park – Timna Park is designed for those who want to change the atmosphere and soak up the net. Among the river pillars and the impressive phenomena on the site, you can relax and do family camping. The site has water and electricity connections. Learn more: 08-6316756 .

North RV RVs

Yuval’s Corner (Rest of Town) – The RV park in the Golan can be found here The corner of Yuval is located a short walk from the Banias stream. This place is full of plenty of places for hiking and tours and the perfect camping experience. You can park caravans and connect to electricity and water points. For more details call: 050-630-7416 .

onion apricot – In the heart of a beautiful apricot orchard in the rest of the town, lies an intimate and pastoral caravan park. The place is equipped for caravan parking, water and electricity connection, full camping stands and many attractions for recreation in the area. For arrival call: 050-5612800 .

Through the stream (Kibbutz Dafna) camping in the north near the stream in a pastoral and green atmosphere. Aside from the many attractions on site, the River Road RV Services can be obtained. There is an option for electricity and water in every parking lot. Plus place perfect camping areas. For more coordinations and inquiries: 054-7989070 .

Golan RV RVs

Elrom – Golan Caravan Park – In Kibbutz El Rom located high in the northern Golan, you can find a quiet and charming caravan park. Amidst a pastoral atmosphere and endless absorption of nature, you can dock the trailer, connect to the electricity and water spots in the place and enjoy the many attractions in the area and truly absorb an amazing atmosphere. For more details and place reservations call: 050-9995480 .

Khan Ein Zivan – There is a beautiful and cozy trailer park in Ein Zivan. Each trailer can be docked and connected to electricity and water points. There are also a number of attractions such as picking and excursions to high-quality hiking trails. For more information and inquiries, call: 04-6993610 .

Jordan Park – North of the Sea of Galilee, in the heart of Green Park and Green Find trailer park in Jordan Park . Among the many activities and leisure options on site, the whole family can enjoy quality camping. Each docking point has a water and electricity connection. To place a reservation: 04-6923422

Kinneret RV Campgrounds

Doga Beach – On the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee you can find the beach Doga used as a Crowd parking lot in Kinneret . Wake up each morning and watch the quiet violin, relax and find a temperate hiding place as you warm up in your private trailer. There is an option for water and electricity at the beach. Do you sound dreamy? Call: 04-6731214

Haun Beach – Another beach between the eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee is Haun Beach . Clean, clean beach that can be reached with Kinneret trailer , connect to water and electricity points and start relaxing . In addition to the beach, camping tables, on-fire options, rescue services (in season) and proximity to hiking and sightseeing areas. For more details and space armor: 052-5156929 .

Jordan Sea of Galilee – Near the Zemah junction and Kibbutz Kinneret can be found Off the Jordan Sea of Galilee that provides a quality solution for families. As a family beach, amplification systems cannot be put into place, so your family guarantees that the vacation will be quiet, peaceful and high quality. The beach offers a variety of services as well as trailer connections by the stream for electricity and water. Phone for details and orders: 050-9995479 .

Page River – Near the city of Safed and in a high-quality area in the Galilee, you can find the River Creek caravan park . The on-site camping experience allows, among other things, accommodation in tents and in advance, as well as caravan parking with electricity and water connection. In addition, you can freely use the extra things the place offers. For more information call: 04-6999984 .

Hamat Fence – Pampering RV parking lot A fence is a new attraction. You can enjoy the many attractions in the park which include slides, water, pool, parrot show and more. The trailer has a water and electricity connection. Learn more and more details: 6393 * .

Harod Spring National Park – Caravan Park On the creek between Afula and Beit She’an, is a lovely place with plenty of attractions and tours in the area. Foot and wading tours can be incorporated into Spring Valley waters, as well as viewing the entire valley in the early morning by the sight of a blooming ball. By appointment, water and electricity connections for trailers can be obtained. Call for inquiries and coordinates: 04-6532211 .

National Park The Three Gardens (the warehouse) – One of the most beautiful sites in Israel is the staircase, not the three garden. The car park is separate from the public camping area and adjacent to baths, lawns and more, all in one place. A number of attractions and tours can be combined (read more about recommended routes). By appointment and with an extra charge you can get an electricity and water connection at an anchorage point. For more details: 04-6586219 .

Bustan Pecan – No caravan parking lot Away from the Krayot, in the village of Bialik you can find a beautiful and quiet caravan park called Bustan Pekan. There are many attractions in and around it. Pre-orders and by appointment can be connected to each trailer for water and electricity. For more details and invitations: 054-438-8988 .

South RV RVs

Khan Ein Gedi – Dead Sea caravan park next to Kibbutz Ein Gedi And a short drive from the Dead Sea, you can reach the Ein Gedi parking lot. In the parking lot connection to water and electricity at the docking points. You can enjoy the many places to tour the area and the Dead Sea itself. Call for appointments and reservations: 08-6594813 .

National Park on the West Side – Crowne Park in Masada About 20 minutes drive from the city of Arad, you can find the National Park parking lot on the west side. An organized parking lot for a trailer with electricity connections and a central water filling point. You can spend your day on a variety of tours in the area. For more information and reservations: 08-6280404 extension 1.

Tel Arad National Park – Caravan Park In the beautiful archeological site is Tel Arad National Park. There is a Canaanite building and a wealth of spectacular antique tours. The site has wonderful camping areas suitable for the whole family. In advance, the trailer can be parked and the docking points can be connected to electricity and water. For inquiries and invitations: 08-6280404 .

wilderness ship – in a desert in a desert atmosphere, You can find a caravan park in the Bedouin Khan atmosphere. The area has plenty of authentic attractions and experiences such as camel tours and a variety of wonderful Bedouin cuisine. In advance, electricity and water connections can be obtained at the docking points. For details and orders: 08-6557318 .

Real National Park – Caravan park in the south – Near the Dead Sea Dimona Road, there is a heritage site that is the remnant of a Byzantine Nabatean city. You can tour, soak up the Nabatean architecture, desert scenery and magical atmosphere. The campground is declared and arranged for camping. You can connect to water and electricity points. Call for inquiries: 6280404 08 .

Ras method – In the quarry, found The Russ parking lot method. A place to stay in tents, campsites and many sights and attractions. For inquiries and invitations: 08-6581829 .

Alpine Farms – Between the Southern Desert Landscape, the Alpine Farms, a desert caravan park can be found With lots of attractions around. For inquiries: 052-897-7010 .

Chai Bar – Yotvata – within reservation Nature, in a magical safari atmosphere, can be seen in a large number of animals in their natural home (without getting out of vehicles). In addition, Hai Bar Yotvata parking lot offers visitors a lot of attractions in and around it. At the site of a caravan park near Eilat with a power point to connect and a water point to fill. For more information call: 08-6316756 .

RV parking without electricity or water

Atlit Beach – A beautiful stretch of beach that stretches for three miles and is designated as a nature reserve. You can come and relax and remember how it used to be. It is important to keep the environment clean and tidy. No water or electricity connection to caravans.

Cliff Beach – If you too appreciate the ultimate experience of going to bed and waking up at the beach, The charming cliff beach is the place for you.

Cliff Beach (Tel Aviv) – If you want to soak up the trailer experience but you’re not Now you want to go far, the cliff beach between Tel Aviv and Herzliya can be an amazing option for you.

South Beach Eilat – Anyone who wants to soak up the beach experience, must also stay in the South Beach In Eilat. There you will find among other things beautiful coral reefs and a lovely eagle.

Jordan River – In the Jordan River Reservation, you can sleep in a trailer in a northern atmosphere around most of the river pillars and options Many trips and tours.

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