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Event trailer rental

In recent years, event productions have been released The conventional events and gardens have become original events, nature events, seaside events and many more. When the important part, the event is unique and different from celebrated to celebrated.

As part of this trend “Homeland Landscape” has expanded The fleet of trailers and purchased dedicated trailers that serve as a trailer as a bridegroom / bridal room, a bar mitzvah rolling from beach to beach, a bat mitzvah with a trailer on the sea and more.

We decided to mess up and offer you a selection of uses Event trailer.

Groom / Bridal Caravan, Bar Event Caravan / Bat Mitzvah on the sea, caravans for a corporate event, or team evening

It’s time to leave From the molds and start celebrating the amazing nature our country has to offer!

A trailer for weddings and events in the wild

Getting married? Organizing a Bar / Bat Mitzvah in Nature? Maybe an ally? Congratulations!
As part of organizing an event in nature, breaking our heads quite a bit, where do we organize? Where’s the Rabbi with the Ketubah? Changing clothes? Or just disappear for a moment to have a glass of water, take a deep breath and return to the celebration …

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השכרת קרוואן לאירועים

Caravan and Sea - Company events and fun days for employees

Company event does not have to be in the usual hotel and lecture concept. Today one of the ways to reward employees is with the help of interesting and luxurious vacations.
Nobody has ever dreamed of vacationing on a beach-to-coast trailer and enjoying the warm sun on their skin.

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Van & Surf Bar / Bat Mitzvah events at sea with a trailer

Producing Bar / Bat Mitzvah Van Surf at Pop Up Resort, the coolest and most luxurious caravan complex on the sea on a youthful beach (next to Beit Yanai, the most beautiful beach in the country) for all friends and family with surfing and RV lessons.

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