An article in the conceived magazine about a trailer vacation

Keenan Cohen writes about the experience of driving his family in a trailer

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  • Nofey Moledet
  • August 15, 2019

Steering Magazine – Trailer Vacation

Steering Magazine – Trailer Vacation

An article in the Steering Wheel magazine about a vacation in a trailer

A new company called “Homeland Landscape” offers a variety of self-driving rental cars in Israel and a self-driving caravan in Israel. Since Keen Cohen the retired editor of “Steering Wheel” has nothing better to do, we sent him to experience the experience.

wrote: Keenan Cohen
Photo: Noam Ofran

These, my four-year-old grand daughter, have a very simple way to rate the cars I bring home in my work. The car is red – 100 points, a window on the roof adds 50 points and if the entire roof is opened the car gets a bonus of 200 points. Multimedia screens at the back of the seats also receive special score as well as station cars where the back seats can be laid to create a picnic lunch drowsiness. Needless to say, when she first saw this huge trailer rolling into our home parking lot, she stood and stared at it for a long time, over her head I could see the point counter raging like a cash register on the day of Kika’s liquidation sale.

In general, the first time I told her that there was a car type that could also be used as a home, the girl looked at me with compassion, Just like the one that hit me when I told her about animals like a seahorse, an ant bear and in France frog legs are a legitimate snack alongside the main course. Her expression was like saying “Oh dad, you really need to stop with these pills, or at least know what their side effects are.”

But here it is before her, Fiat Ducato carrying a luggage and pampering residential complex on his back. Ready and cash to drive the Cohen-Schreiber family to its destination and put it there at the five-wheeler level.


There are eighteen caravans for rent, seventeen trailers and autocaravan in the current offering of Landscape Homeland. Since the small “Gilboa” model did not fit our needs, everything else can be hauled with private cars, crossovers, jeeps and north, we chose to take the “Arbel” model which, as mentioned above, sits on the Fiat Ducato but also suitable for driving license B ( Also in’). Contrary to this type of caravans abroad, the unit is not connected to the driver’s compartment, due to lack of proper Israeli law. In fact, although it offers six places in Tabin and Tacillin, only three people can be transported there. Consider even sitting someone in the living unit while traveling, the cabin is equipped with air conditioner, but it works exclusively with an external power source, which makes the whole space a hot stove. In the end, even with this model, an escort car is required, its relative benefit is the lack of need Dragging the living unit, which may not be a challenge for anyone not familiar with the subject, especially in the field of travel Back. </ Span> </ p>

Because driving this thing is not a great pleasure, I will not explain in words about the experience, but two things to remember. The first is that with a general length of 7.4 and a width of 2.15 meters it is a small truck, so every maneuvering issue must be taken into consideration before getting into any parking, gas station or free space should mainly think how to get out of there. The rear has a smaller radius of rotation than the front, a lack of attention, and you at best get on the sidewalk and worse than a 4-ton power jack for a parked car or stand. The second thing is about the behavior of the tool in turns, it is tall, very weight and sensitive to side winds, I did not raise chicken to speeds above 100 km / h and it was for a moment for indirect purposes. Scientific measurement of fuel consumption was not possible, but I bet An order of eight to ten kilometers per liter.

Between Barks Oil and Olive Oil

The packing procedure for traveling in a trailer is quite different from that of a regular trip, the plethora of storage solutions offered by the proprietary home effectively eliminate the need for carrying bags and suitcases On the other hand, this does not mean that it can be loaded without expense, since despite the multiplicity of cells, the place theme and the packaging design are a lesson to be learned. The last thing you want to find out is that you are the buoys, which you will need at the first stop in the ward, who died behind the little pajamas and blanket. In general, because a place is expensive in the trailer for maintaining exemplary order and organization is of paramount importance. The refrigerator is the office model, which again requires thinking about what is really important to carry and the quantities. If we are in the refrigerator, then I will say that the following links in the food chain also have solutions that will make travelers feel at home, a small sink and a double-headed gas cooker have made a wonderful breakfast preparation and lunch supplements. There is also a microwave so that whoever is on the grill can warm the food to himself when he finally sat down to eat alone, in the dark. Actually, not really in the dark, a strip of LED bulbs in the trailer wall provide a satisfactorily lit area
Opinion that allows you to open a picnic table and even distinguish between the chorizos sausage and the annoyance (a significant concern for those who are acutely sensitive).

After everyone sat leisurely, dropped off the food courtesy of beers and watermelon from the fridge, it was time to sleep. The toilet and shower compartment is compact in size but allows proper bathing including a water heater. The toilet itself drains into a chemical cartridge that neutralizes odors and decomposes, which must be emptied at a frequency of one and a half days according to the periodic activity of the gut. The operation is simple and clean – removing the cartridge is a dedicated key in the trailer wall, emptying it into any casual toilet, flushing water, pouring new materials and returning it to the scene. The bathroom has a ventilation roof window, which, like the other three roof windows in the living unit, can be opened and has a mesh roof.

Double bed at the back of the trailer, a double bed above the cabin as well as the folding dining area also turning into a double bed, creating six comfortable accommodations And spacious. Bedding can be brought or rented through the company (more on rental equipment options in a separate frame). Once you practice and make the switch at the head of a 12.7-square-foot residential move (a little more than an average bedroom), you find that it is not only possible, but even produces a host of fun situations. “Wait, get in the bathroom and I’ll go with the bowl of the salad, Naama, please get on the bed, Ella, wait, don’t get out of the closet, I’m moving here.”


Beyond emptying the cartridge, living in a trailer, whether trailing or uneven, requires a daily routine to get used to. The autonomous independence of the tool is the result of accumulators that supply electricity to the various devices as well as a 70-liter water tank. However, these require one refill and recharge for some time. The water tank can be filled with any water pipe, simply insert the pipe nozzle into the tank and fill it, an excess tube will signal that the tank is full. In the absence of a available hose, the tank can also be filled with an 18-liter Jerican that comes with the trailer with a small electric pump immersed in it. The battery charging and power supply to heavy power consumers such as the microwave, air conditioner and water heater are done in two ways, the first being direct connection to an electrical outlet by an extension cable or via a generator that also comes with the trailer. In addition, there is another double check routine and initially even a triple before movement because all cabinets are locked, the windows are closed and that there are no objects that are not secured in place.

For those of you who have not experienced this type of trip and get the impression that it is a vacation where they spend more than spending time, I can already say Now that’s not the case. These are just the first 24 hours when it takes to “get in” the trip routine, from then on, all these things become part of the agenda. Suddenly, finding out that renting a minimum of two nights makes a lot of sense, in fact, I would even say that a caravan trip of less than three nights would turn out to be a missed opportunity. In return, you get the kind of vacation that takes the family quality time, which in modern and demanding society becomes a rare and expensive commodity – a new place and second to none. Here, the trip does not consist of strolling in the pool to the sounds of “ah-goo-du-du-du”, a huddle in the buffet buffets or alternatively a day’s heat sitting that quickly turns into a retreat to the air-conditioned shopping centers.

When the second day illuminated the trailer on the trip, we all woke up after a good night and not as sweaty as in a tent, through the trailer windows a mirror The coastal strip and the waters of the Sea of ​​Galilee whispered an invitation to a refreshing morning dip – just this moment was worth any cartridge emptying or slow crawling in the “auto turtle.”

Models & Prices

The company currently offers eighteen rental trailers, seventeen of them towed and one on Fiat Ducato. Prices vary between different trailer models as well as decreasing depending on the length of rental. The listed prices are the full prices as listed on the company However, it is advisable to call and inquire about rental rates during peak seasons such as summer holidays, holidays, Passover, Succot and the like, during which periods discounts of up to 20 percent can be reached.

“Gilboa” – The compact trailer for a couple + two children, can also be towed by a family car with a tow hook. Rental prices start at NIS 450 per day for an eight-day rental period and up to NIS 700 for a two-day rental.

“Tabor” – Germany trailer made from Germany model 410 + AVERSO. Suitable for couple + child. Can be towed by jeep or pickup. Rental prices start at NIS 550 per day for an eight-day rental period and up to NIS 800 for a two-day rental.

“Hermon” – Germany’s largest trailer, made in Germany AVERSO 480. Suitable for four adults + two children. Can be towed by jeep or pickup. Rental prices start at NIS 650 per day for an eight-day rental period and up to NIS 900 for a two-day rental.

“Arbel” – Autocaravan on Fiat Ducato, also licensed for B licensees, suitable for six adults. Two passengers can be transported apart from the driver. Rental prices start at NIS 750 per day for an eight-day rental period and up to NIS 1,000 for a two-day rental.

All caravans can find refrigerator, double gas hob, sink, air conditioner, TV and DVD player, shower and toilet, microwave for heating food And more.

Supplemental Package

In addition to renting the trailers themselves, the company also provides rental services for all equipment that is complementary to the trip needs. Hammocks, tents, camping chairs, folding tables, coffee sets, thermos, coolers and even a set of trail markings. Prices range from NIS 3 to NIS a day. Apart from these, you can also purchase ancillary equipment for travelers who have a trailer and want to equip it with power converters, utilities, refrigerators, generators, chargers, water pumps and all other equipment.

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