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Welcome to Nofey Moledet Company The first and largest company in Israel that specializes in renting quality caravans for travel and leisure. Imagine a family caravan trip and experience that you have not yet experienced with family members and all in luxury conditions as the Israeli nature wraps you up every morning, changing colors and shades of your choice. You take the family, disconnect the children from commercial entertainment and go out to spend time with them and only with them in an intense, exclusive and perfect experience in the Israeli outdoors. As part of our rich and professional experience, we give you a full envelope starting with adjusting the trailer, helping to build the itinerary, training in the operation of the trailer and for those who need it we also rent towed vehicles. We are here to make you feel like home in the outdoors.

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You are invited to a perfect experience with top-notch professional service and trailers.

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Our rich and professional experience allows us to share with you information that will give you a complete envelope for your dream vacation planning


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