Red Yellow Green Desert Trail (South) – 3 nights

Green, yellow and red desert track in the south

3 nights

  • 4 days

You can choose from a variety of trailers suitable for your trip

Red Yellow Green Desert Route (South) – 3 Nights

A special southern route we will visit in places we promise you most of you have never known.

The Cluster Park is stunning in its beauty, westward to see the sunrise and savor, and the crocodiles in the prairie for some wild desert atmosphere.

טיול קרוואן מדבר ירוק צהוב אדום

Day 1 - Homeland Landscape Caesarea> Crowded car park in the Northern Negev, Eshkol National Park

Let's start the trip by picking up the rented trailer from Homeland Landscape. Pass on the trailer, equipment, training and we will start on the hike. We will head south to the Negev caravan park, the Eshkol National Park located in the western Negev area. The beech national park is a green corner in the desert on the banks of the Bashur river. In the heart of the western Negev's Plains lies an abundant spring, surrounded by wide lawns and thousands of shade trees. The park offers walking and biking trails, bathing springs and many green attractions along and around Cluster Park: 1. Hiking Trail at Beesor HaBesor 2. Zala dairy in Kibbutz Ein Habesor 3 Stroll through the statues and streams

Day 2 - Eshkol National Park> Caravan Park in the Dead Sea

Arms Get up and start our drive south-east to the "Masada West" trailer park. We will place the caravan at the caravan stand, disconnect the vehicle and continue on the journey to the lowest place in the world is the Dead Sea. We will spend the day in the Dead Sea, we will see, mud and if we want to travel to the streams and sweet springs in the area. Then we will return to the caravan park on Masada Arad, we will prepare dinner And go to bed early. Attractions on the road and around the Dead Sea: 1. The David River Trail 2. Hami Ein Gedi 3. River of Lament 4. Salah Farm

Day 3 - Caravan Park on the West Side> Caravan Park in the Arava, Croculoloc Crocodile Farm

Get up before sunrise, eat something small and start the ramp for the battery to the top of Masada. Attractions on the road and around "Krokoloku": 1. Cornmeal Farm 2. Stream Zohar 3. Sapphire Park 4. Timna Park

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