Why a trailer?

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  • Nofey Moledet
  • August 15, 2019

Why a trailer?

Why a trailer?

Nofei Homeland offers the trailer experience in a trailer to a very wide range of customers, firstly to all nature lovers and travelers who want to experience different and varied adventures with all the comforts of home.

you, the family owners

who want to go with the kids on a vacation they haven’t experienced yet, see the kids get off the screens, collect bonfires and help you cook dinner An Israeli morning and lighting a bonfire at night in the wild, climbing a mountain or dipping in the stream and burning in the children’s consciousness experiences that you will not find in any hotel, nor in any club in Europe. With a caravan excursion you will gain the intensity of vacation with the children they will never forget.

For home food lovers and kosher keepers

During a caravan excursion, stop at organic farms, local wineries and cheese producers and enjoy planned meals as you wish for the best the Israeli market offers. .

For kosher keepers, you can come with the kosher dishes from home, connect a Sabbath plate in the kitchen and keep the Sabbath just like home if all the fun Of out-of-home accommodation.

for our romance

Take your spouse for a romantic weekend in a magical corner in nature, just you and the stars.

Fill your champagne macaroni with good food and prepare the dishes you like best. Light a bonfire, make a double table, take your chairs out, wait for the moonlight and take the opportunity … [No way she tells you, no …]


As the festivals in the country gain momentum and as they grow longer, we find ourselves packing endlessly and busy transporting the place, setting up the cheap, operating Of generator and more filled with annoying little files.

Traveling with a trailer or autocaravan to the festival gives you freedom from it all, there is a bed already, there is electricity, there is a kitchen and plenty of space Store everything we wanted.

What’s left? Choose the right festival and the right members and you’re ready.

Trip with the guys

Tired of the tents and villas … start organizing the guys for a caravan tour between the posts they served in the army or maybe the good friend Below who wants a bachelor party with nature accommodation but still high class.

The only thing that can upgrade the trip with the guys in the wild is the roaming around, light packing and sleeping in good bed! < / span>

for 40+

Yes, having raised the children, and now having their own experiences, we, the experienced, and the alumni are also allowed to experience. Take the woman you are, get on the trailer, and let the freedom lead you, let it quietly envelop you without the hustle and bustle of children and grandchildren, only you, together just like in the courtship …

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