Road Story – A Cross-Israel Trailer Tour

Road Story - Crossing Israel

The short route is 6 nights

  • 1 week

You can choose from a variety of trailers suitable for your trip

Cross-country route (shortened) – 6 nights

The short track of the original cross-country. Fascinating 7 days where we will visit from Western Galilee, Upper Galilee, Arava and Beeshore.

Day 1 - Landscape Landscapes Offices Caesarea> Caravan park in the north of Achziv National Park

Arrival at the scenic offices on the day of the trailer rental at 10:00, transfer the equipment to the trailer, go through a short training and take the vehicle and set off! Take an hour drive north and arrive at the caravan park in the north "Achziv National Park". A beautiful and well-kept beach strip! We will spend the day at the beach enjoying the bonfire on the cool nights Attractions on the way and around the trailer parking lot Disappointing National Park: 1. Caesarea Antiques - where you can visit antiques built during the Roman period. Among them can be seen the famous amphitheater, the port of Caesarea, the Hyperdome Crusader Gate complex and the sculpture garden which is in place 2. The Ein Hod Artists Village - located in the heart of Mount Carmel, in a natural wooded environment. The village has a panoramic view overlooking the coastline. The Old City of Acre - Acre is one of the oldest city in the world (1,500 years BC). In Acre you can visit the city walls, the Templars tunnels and eat at the famous hummus restaurants. The dives, there are guided dives in the woods.

Day 2 - Achziv Beach> Northern Caravan Park "Hurshat Tal"

We will head to the northeast of the country, to the Galilee area a two hour drive where we will cross the country. We park the trailer in the regulated parking lot "Horesh Tal" with water and electricity connection. There are outdoor showers and picnic tables and barbecue for the benefit of the resort. The parking lot located near Kiryat Shmona and the parking lot has a private entrance to the creek and the natural pools at the place. Nimrod Fortress and Mount Hermon 2. The Holy City of Safed - Visit the Old City of Safed (from the 2nd millennium BC), enjoy the panoramic view overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee. Surfing Canada Park - Metula 15 minutes drive, ice skating and other activities 5. Kfar Blum kayaking, Jordan River rafting and more.

Day 3 - Horseshoe Tal Caravan Parking> Caravan Parking in Kinneret, Gopra Beach

One hour's drive to the southeast, we will drive sweet Lima water to our small state, which is Lake Kinneret. Hamat Gader Park - Enjoy the thermominerals springs, exotic animal park and many family activities 2. Jewish and Southern Park - 2 well-known and familiar trails in varying walks. The Hexagonal Nature Reserve - The hexagonal pool with its famous geological form, hiking trails in the area and a perfect spot for viewing the area.

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