Northbound Route – 5 nights

Northern Caravan Trip - Rotate North

5 nights

  • 6 days

You can choose from a variety of trailers suitable for your trip

Roundabout North – 5 nights

In this route we will experience some waterfalls, rashes and good food.

Beginning in Hamat Gader, from there go up to the Upper Galilee and dessert our beloved Meister Farm which will leave you with a taste of more.

Day 1 - Homeland Landscape Caesarea Offices> Hamat Gader Crooning Park

We will start the hike in the caravan towards the northeast of the Yarmouk Valley, to the border triangle area. Where to eat? Honey Honey - Kibbutz Shamir for a visit at the Visitor Center 04-69478262. Kokta - Kibbutz Kinneret Telephone for reservations: Shadow of the Tamar - Ashdot Yaakov Telephone for orders: 04-67566884. Beer Brewery Pass - Kibbutz Geshur for coordinating a visit to the Visitor Center 04-6764108

Day 2 - Hexagon Pool and Hexagon Creek

Get up in the morning, leave the trailer in the parking lot and drive towards the Hexagonal pool. Type: Foot location: Near one of the length of the route (km): Approx. 2 Hours: Up to two hours, hexagon, one of the largest in the Golan Heights, paves his way resolutely and decisively from the Golan Heights to the valley side On his way, he passes through layers of lava that creak, grinding through channels and revealing the beautiful basalt pillars in their walls.The Hebrew name is named after a deep pool in its channel, surrounded by hexagonal hexagons by nature. We'll spend the second night.

Day 3 - Hamat Gader> Northern caravan park in the shade of apricot

Get up and start heading north towards the Upper Galilee. We will drive to the 'Onion Apricot' caravan park in the rest of the village or the recommended caravan park at Horesh Tal National Park where we will spend the third night. The Crown Park is located near the Banias Creek, which is cold, but you can always take courage and dip in the water. . So where do we eat? The mill - first 1, Metula. Phone for reservations: 04-69448102. Fish on the Dan - Kibbutz Dan Phone for reservations: 04-6950225When will we travel? The Four Falls Canyon in Nahal Ayun Type: Legs Location: Near MetulaLong the route (km): 2 Duration: 2 - 4 hours along two kilometers, at the tip of the Galilee, a stream flows in the flow that feeds, in winter and spring, and in recent years also in four Waterfalls In the reserve, which did not shame any national park in other countries in the world, the waterfall of the oven gained its highest reputation, perhaps because of its height reaching 30 meters or perhaps because of its shape resembling an oven, and aimed at the skirt of a Lebanese peasant who is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Join the Study Waterfall, the Mill Waterfall and the Cascade Waterfall that enjoy the rains and snow that fall on the Lebanon Mountains. The reserve and it wraps the paths between waterfalls in scallops, anemones, yellow milkweeds and almonds.In the spring of a particularly rainy year, a pleasure to stroll around and watch the blossoms of Ben-Hatsav Hyacinthian, Kochi Syri, Yehuda's Lights and a large purple purple

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