Southbound Route – 5 nights

Caravan trip in the south - desert rashes

5 nights

  • 6 days

You can choose from a variety of trailers suitable for your trip

Southbound route – 5 nights

Excellent route for the fall season.

We will visit Ein Hemed, Eshkol Park, real and last but not least are the crocodiles in the prairie that this is a show of a place (private warming).

Day 1 - Homeland Landscape Caesarea> Caravan Park in Jerusalem, Ein Hemed National Park

We start our caravan tour at the scenic offices of the homeland, gathering the caravan, we will go on a guided tour and we will start the vacation in the caravan We will start in the Jerusalem Mountains area and park in the caravan park in the Jerusalem National Park, Ein Hamed National Park. After parking we will go to Jerusalem to enjoy the many activities that our choice of offers or trips in Jerusalem. So what do we eat? Aladdin Olive Farm - Olive harvest, preparation of Za'atar and herbal tea infusions 054-31418222. Wasp Winery - Visitor Center 02-9908261.3. Hummus Abu Ghosh Where Will We Go? First option: is to spend an entire day in Jerusalem as we move through the City of David, the Western Wall Tunnels, Old City and markets. Entering the Earth's soil allows for a magical and wonderful world of natural stone sculptures. Stalactites and sentinels in many forms inspire the imagination of large and small and promise a spectacular experience.

Day 2 - Ein Hamed> Eshkol Park

Get up early and leave the trailer park in the north of the Negev for the Eshkol Regional Council. We will park the caravan in the recommended caravan park in the Negev National Park Eshkol. Sala Dairy - guided tours, dairy dinners in the dairy yard, cheese making workshops, and ordering picnic boxes in advance. Also the cheese shop. - 077-72957702. Timimba - Hosting Kibbutz Dorot - 050-72081173. Patagonia Restaurant - Kibbutz Or HaNer Meat Restaurant on a fiery frieze of whispering coals and serving asado, entrecote, chorizo ​​and other fine meats - 050-2400500 Where to go? Dvira Forest - Impressive blossom site near Kibbutz Dvir to the north, drive on Route 40 and turn left at Dvira Junction, immediately after Kibbutz Dvir looking left until you see the beautiful red bloom. HaBesor Creek - We will start the route with the bridge hanging over a natural water pool and adjacent to the observation tower, we will continue to Beer Rabova: a relic from the Bedouin village that existed in the area in the past, and we will drop to our final destination is Tel Shoharan. Here, too, is a large observation tower.

Day 3 - Crowne Parking Lot Eshkol National Park> Crowne Parking Lot National Park - Dimona

We will continue towards the east, Dimona area and park in the caravan park an actual national park. An actual national park is a world heritage site, preserves the remains of a Roman and Byzantine Nabatean city and presents the Nabatean architecture in all its glory, against the backdrop of the desert landscape of the northern Negev mountains. 1. Little India - a restaurant that is simply and modestly wrapped, as is its food. At this restaurant, you serve true milky vegetarian origin - both in taste, in experience, and no less important - for the price. On the menu you will find samosa, roti, tali, dumpling and other names of foods that even if they do not tell you anything and you like good food - you should give a jump - Ringelblum 15 Beer Sheva, 08-6489802. Breakfast and olive oil tasting workshop at Mitzpe Revivim - Enough to predict one of the wonders that Israeli agriculture offers in the wilderness, all you have to do is climb up to eight meters at Mitzvah Revivim and say "wow" at the green color that covers the desert land - Phone: 08-6562570 Where are we going? Of course you can take advantage of parking in the parking lot and visit the National Park's antiquities. As part of the tour we will see the convoys' inns, the city gate, the affluent house, the tower, the Western Church "St. Nile Church", residence, the Eastern Church "Church of the Saints and Dormitories", the fortress, the "market" Nembo House ", the city's reservoir, bathhouse and actual stream. Dimona Dune Trail - Dimona Dune Trail brings travelers with a beautiful and surprising" swamp king "bloom in the heart of the desert. In this area, daffodils grow in hard rock outcrops and at their feet provide sufficient water The daffodil bloom under these harsh conditions

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