Sea, lake and river course (north) – 3 nights

Sea, lake and river course in the north

3 nights

  • 4 days

You can choose from a variety of trailers suitable for your trip

Sea, Lake & River (North) – 3 Nights

A short and attractive northern route that starts in the Mediterranean (Achziv), continues to the Lower Galilee (Lake Kinneret) and ends in the Upper Galilee (Banias, Hatzavit).

Day 1 - Landscape Landscapes Offices Caesarea> Seafront caravan park Achziv National Park

We will arrive at the homeland scenery located in Caesarea on the day of the caravan rental, we will pass on the equipment and we will be off to the classic northern excursion in Croan. The beachfront caravan park is located in the area where the Club Med was. The place has a natural grove and one of the most beautiful and unique coastal strips in the country! The caravan park is located 200 meters from the waterline. Attractions in the area: 1. Rosh Hanikra Caves 2. The Templar Tunnel in Acre 3. The Old City of Acre

Day 2 - Caravan Park Achziv National Park> Caravan Park Boutique 'Meister Winery Farm'

After breakfast and a separation from the sea, we will pack everyone in the car, harness the trailer and head north to the northeast to the Rosh Pina area for the Meijer Winery boutique parking lot. And go down to the Sea of Galilee to dip in the lake water that cares for drinking water for our little country. Nahal Zivitan River 3. The hexagonal pool.

Day 3 - Meister Winery Farm Caravan Park> RV park near the "Yuval corner" rest of the village

We will have breakfast in the stunning landscape of Meister Winery harnessing the trailer and heading north towards the rest of the town, an hour and a half drive. The caravans are a short walk to the creek 300 m. Attractions in the area: 1. Kfar Blum kayak. Cliff Manara 3. Park Canada.

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