Cross Israel route in trailer – 13 nights

Road Story - Crossing The Israel National Trail

The Highlight by Nofey Moledet

  • 2 weeks

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Road Story – The Israel National Trail

The track that is the highlight of Homeland Landscape. 14 days of dreamy travels

The Israel National Trail is a rich cultural experience with a variety of hiking paths along the way. The abundance of this trail highlights all that the nature our country has to offer. This is a classic Caravan trail, a unique way to experience Israel and create family memories to treasure for years to come. The trail passes through most of our amazing country over the course of 14-days and combines a variety of attractions, activities and a plethora of hiking trails.

Day 1: Caesarea > Achziv National Park

10:00 am arrival at Nofey Moledet office, gear check, instructions for caravan operation, saddle the vehicle, answer any questions and off you go!
An hour and a half drive up north and we arrive at Achziv National Park, a beautiful well-kept coastal strip.
Enjoy the beach during the day and spend time around the bonfire during the chilly nights.

Attraction on the way and near Achziv National Park

1. Caesarea National Park (ancient remains)
2. Ein Hod – Artists settlement
3. The old city of Acre
4. Rosh HaNikra

Day 2+3: Achziv National Park > 'Meister Farm and Winery' Rosh Pinna

Crossing the country eastwards to Rosh Pinna which is in the lower Galilee district. It is an hour and a half drive.

Meister Farm and Winery is a boutique camping park located between vineyards and fruit trees with scenic and panoramic views of the Sea of Galilee.
All the attractions and trails are a touch away so we recommend two nights.

Attractions on the way and near to Meister Farm and Winery:
1. Holy city of Safed
2. Nachal Betzet (stream) and Nachal Sarach (stream)
3. Nachal Tzalmon (stream)
4. Mitzpe Alonim pool
5. Butterfly Brewery

Day 4: 'Meister Farm and Winery' Rosh Pinna> Hurshat Tal National Park

After a delicious breakfast at the farm we'll head north to Hurshat Tal National Park.
We'll park the Caravan and go dip our feet in the clear waters of the Banias (Chermon) Stream.

One of the biggest advantages of this parking site is that the stream crosses nearby, showers and toilets are part of the park services and shaded parking spots are available close to the water.

Also, it is a close location to all the nearby attractions. There is permanent monitoring of the amount of people in the park.

Attractions on the way and near Yuval's Spot:

1. Manara Cliff
2. Canada center
3. Hurshat Tal
4. Mount Chermon
5. Kayaks

Day 5: Hurshat Tal National Park> Gofra Beach

From Hurshat Tal park drive south along the Chula valley towards the Sea of
Spend the night at Gofra beach. A magical beach on the east bank of the Sea of Galilee, the right place to forget any worries of the day and enjoy the soothing sounds of whispering waves, the breeze and the eucalyptus trees.

Attraction on the way and near Gofra beach:

1. Nachal Yehudiya (stream) + Nachal Zavitan (stream)
2. Meshushim (Hexagon) Pool
3. Hamat Gader

Day 6: Gofra Beach> Jordan National Park

After enjoying the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), the main source of drinking water for the whole country, take a short drive to the north side of Jordan Park in the east of the Jordan River, at its entrance to the Kinneret. In the park there are a few hiking trails, ancient remains, Baticha ruins and more.

Attractions on the way and near Gofra beach:

1. Luna Gal water park
2. Nachal Amud
3. Caves fort and Arbel cliff

Day 7: Jordan National Park>Masada west park site

Wake up early, pack up the family and drive south on road number 90 towards west Masada camping site which is located near Arad.

Park the Caravan, release the vehicle and drive to the Dead Sea for the day:
Bask in the mineral rich black mud and float in the salty waters of the lowest place on earth.

Day 8+9: Masada west park site>"Crocoloco" Crocodile Farm Ein Chatzeva

Start the hike up Masada trail after a small breakfast before dawn.
Welcome the new day from the top of Masada with the spectacular view as the sun rises from the Dead Sea on

the red mountains towering over the land. Tour the ancient ruins and go down the hill carefully to the parking place.
After brunch hitch the caravan to the vehicle and drive south to Ein Chatzeva to see the crocodile farm. Spend the day in the warm spring waters, check out the farm's visitor center and take a 10 minute walk to the observation point.

Day 10+11: "Crocoloco" Crocodile Farm Ein Chatzeva> Chai Bar Yotveta

This is the most southern section towards Hai-Bar Yotvata.

The Hai-Bar Yotvata is a 3000- acre (12 sq/km) nature reserve and home to many wild animals of the area. There is a special dark room suited for the night time active animals.

Leave the Caravan in the parking spot and drive to the most southern city in Israel named Eilat.

Day 12: Chai Bar Yotveta> Timna Park

It is one of the most beautiful and special places in Israel. Visit Salomon Pillars, hike the trails and enjoy the activities in the area:

1. The Big Arc Trail
2. Tiger Trap Trail
3. Ancient Mines and Slave Hill Trail

Day 13: Timna Park> Eshkol National Park

Drive northwest to Eshkol National Park in the HaBesor district.
The park is a center of springs and streams with water pools, many hiking and bicycle trails and is a kind of Fata Morgana (mirage) in the local scenery.

Attraction on the way and near Eshkol National Park:

1. Hiking trail in Nachal HaBsor (stream)
2. Tze'ela dairy in Kibbutz Ha'Bsor
3. Sculpture road and Nachal Ofakim
4. Kornmehl Farm

Day 14: Eshkol National Park> Caesarea

Waking up to your last day, enjoy a meal in the Caravan and drive north to the Israeli coastal plain and back to the Nofey Moledet Office.

Congratulations, you've completed the journey!

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