Cross Israel route in trailer – 13 nights

Road Story - Crossing Israel

The Highlight of Homeland Landscape

  • 2 weeks

You can choose from a variety of trailers suitable for your trip

Road Story – Crossing Israel

The track that is the highlight of Homeland Landscape. 14 days of dreamy travels across the country from Dan to (almost) Eilat
A quality family experience that will save you the love of the motherland.
Crossing Israel in a trailer is a rich and varied trailer trip, offering you all the good and abundance that nature, sites and people in Israel have to offer. This is a classic caravan trip, a unique way to experience Israel and to accumulate unique and memorable family experiences. The route goes through most of our amazing country and combines a wide and rich variety of attractions and activities. You can do it all or select sections of it according to the length and nature of your vacation and combine the attractions that suit you.

Day 1 Caesarea Country Landscapes> Achziv National Park

On the day of the trailer rental at 10:00 we will arrive at the scenic offices of the homeland, pass on the equipment, go through a brief training and harness the vehicle and go on vacation in the caravan! A beautiful and well-kept beach strip! Attractions on the road and in the surrounding National Park: 1. Caesarea Antiquities 2. Artist Village "Ein Hod" 3. The Old City of Acre 4. Rosh Hanikra

Day 2 + 3 Achziv National Park> Meister Winery Farm Rosh Pina

We will head east to the Rosh Pina area in the Lower Galilee. The Meister Winery Farm is a boutique caravan park located between vineyards and fruit trees and a panoramic view of the valley and the Sea of Galilee. Attractions on the Road and Around Meister Winery Farms: 1. "Holy City" Safed 2. Betzet Creek and Fern Creek 3. Tzalmon River 4. Mitzpe Oaks Pool 5. Butterfly Brewery

Day 4: Meister Winery Farms> Caravan Parking

After breakfast from the farm grounds we will continue on our way north to the corner of Yuval Bashar Yashuv. We will place the caravan and go for a dip in the clear stream water of the Banias river. The surrounding area also has a regular control over the amount of people present in the car park Attractions on the road and around the corner of Yuval: 1. Manara cliff 2. Central Canada 3. Tal grove 4. Mount Hermon 5. Kayaks

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