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Nofey Moledet could be translated as the “Landscapes of the Homeland” and that is what we hope to share with you.

Nofey Moledet is a leader of caravan travel tours in Israel that offers its clients a unique type of vacation. We believe that a caravan tour is one of the best ways to enjoy the landscapes, people and history of the “land of milk and honey.”

It all started when we took a caravan trip in Europe. We had so much fun, that when we got back to Israel we knew we had to make the same kind of experience available for exploring our beautiful country too.

When you rent with us, you get the highest quality caravans, the flexibility to customize your trip to your needs, and our expertise and advice when it comes to what to see and do during your trip.

We believe that personal attention to each and every client is vital and critical to the success of our business. We aspire to make the experience for every client the most memorable and enjoyable time in Israel. We offer customized tour packages that are carefully designed, and we are also glad to advise and help you tailor the package to meet your specific needs.

We want you to remember your caravan vacation as the adventure of a lifetime, and we’ll do everything we can to make that happen.

We will ensure that the financial investment in recreation is translated into appropriate and appropriate consideration.

Company Goals
• To produce a quality, meaningful and solid alternative in the family area that is not found in any other resort.
• Be the holiday company in the largest and highest quality caravans in Israel.
• Leverage leading Israeli values ​​in the resort.
• To answer the complete range of vacation requirements in Israel and the state’s knowledge in a different and unique way.
• Take the children out of the screens and return them to the values ​​of nature and the environment.

Company Vision
Nofey Moledet will lead the camping tourism market in Israel by creating a quality and invested alternative to the resort based on Israeli values ​​of European aroma.
Creating “Whole Holiday Circle” for customers by providing a full casing starting with the trailer model fitting, route planning and attractions, full trailer operation guidance and answering when needed from the area.

Company values ​​

* Best customer service while tailoring the company to each customer’s needs.
* Providing service throughout the process from first phone to returning home after vacation.
* Full fairness to customers.
* Providing the higest level of service in Israel.
* Connecting customers to the outdoors and protecting the environment.
* Provide full value to the company’s customers.
* Knowing the actual state and not the virtual. 

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